Holding 2 GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS, one Solo (Most Hula Hoops on multiple body parts: 70 Hoops) and one  with MARAWAS MAJORETTES (Most Hula Hoops between a group of 10: 299 Hoops), Dunja has hula hooped for KATE NASH,  JULIAN BARRAT &

JARVIS COCKER, just to name a few.


She taught hula hoop workshops at NIKETOWN, ROUNDHOUSE CIRCUS FEST, WANDERLUST, SOHO HOUSE, MADAME TUSSAUD'S BERLIN for REEBOK, SWEATY BETTY and entertained crowds at GLASTONBURY,  BESTIVAL, SECRET GARDEN PARTY, WILDERNESS, FUSION and any other major festival you can think off.


Not only has she mastered the skill of


but also the danger of the FIRE HOOP,

the art of the PAINT HOOP

and not to forget her real


Being able to hoop more than 60 hula hoops at once,

you surely do not want to miss her.


Shop opening / promo Events - Gala & Corporate Events

Birthdays & Hen Do's - Team Building Activity

You name it! Get in contact!

And if you want to learn how to spin those hoops, click here.